Why Social Media training?

Social Media is a powerful tool in your marketing and sales tool box. It can grow your business, build your brand, recruit the best talent, improve your business knowledge and expand your network. Social Media represents an entirely different way to communicate with your customers, potential customers, vendors, employees, and the community.

Do I need a Social Media strategy?

The basis of the Social Media philosophy is simple: People want to buy, share, be informed, stay or contribute to people they trust and have a relationship with.

Building relationships now builds your business in areas of both branding and sales. The type of content you create or curate on your social networks is key to building more and stronger relationships. We help you to understand how to develop content, tell stories, and connect with existing and potential customers in meaningful ways.

How does it work?

From the initial complimentary session where we determine what you’d like to achieve with social media and which networks would work best for your company, to ongoing sessions on the latest updates to various platforms, we provide you with straightforward information taught in a patient, sometimes humourous, and always effective manner. Come and start your social journey with us! Get started…

Finalist.Badge.Bus.1to10 240 x 133Who is the coach?

Brenda Burch provides quality social media marketing training and coaching to businesses across Canada and in her home base, the Cowichan Valley area of Vancouver Island, BC.

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From Brenda's Blog

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